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Domenico Del Barbiere High Renaissance Sculpture - Free Essay Example

During this time the city of Florence was experiencing commerce within its merchant people. There was a presence of politics and governing, the city was prosperous which tells us the government was not as shaky compared to other cities. During the mid 1500, when this print was made it was a time of High Renaissance. The church was covering its ceilings and walls with marvelous frescoes and sculptures by popular artist such as Michaelangelo and other greats. The church and political governors commission much of the art in this city and the study of the human anatomy was at itrs peak in order to reach the perfection of the religious figures after being influenced by Italian Reanaissance. We still find classical iconography in many of the pieces, for example Michaelangelors David. Florence exalted this sculpture because it was their victory trophy after beating their own goliath the Duke of Milan. Domenico del Barbiere was a well known engraver and sculpture during the High Renaissance. He also went by the name of Dominique Florentin and was born in the city of Florence in 1506 but built his career in Troyes, France, as a sculpture where he was influenced by Andrea Sansovino. Then he joined Italian artists in Fontainebleau. Where he was influenced greatly by Italian Renaissance style where he worked on frescoes and stucco-work. He became aware of a mannerism and even showed a little in some of his art works. It is also noted that he was aware of Michaelangelors contrapposto style because we can see it in this engraving. No other word can describe this print to me other than Humanist. Here we see the Barnierers mastering of the human body engraved. This engraving is black and white used for printing and is a piece during the High Renaissance. It pictures four bodies, the two on the left are the same person in itrs skeletal form and muscular form. The same goes for the man on the right looking to its right at the other two bodies. The only difference between their muscular forms and the skeleton belonging to them is the position of the legs and the curves of the core of their bodies. Which brings me to the contrapposto in which we find the figures in, which shows a classical style. Barbiere engraved by using a cutting tool made out of steele called burin to make grooves in the flat surface. There were many different sizes and shapes at the ends to create different types of cuts. For the darker lining we see in this piece Barbiere may have used one that is wider and for the thinner lines found in the muscles he used sizes thinner than needles. The amount of patience in engraving every line one by one while knowing what sections need to have more cuts to define and bring volume to each muscle and bone requires a mastery of technique in handling these tools. We find some symbolism here as well with the curtain covering the war instruments and materials cluttered on the floor representing the ambition for war. I think that this gives a negative view of the war to the viewers because he is trying to cover it up. We can cover up the deaths but we remain even more transparent like these skeletons do. Another view point is saying we are losing our humanism and in this case, the flesh, by contributing to these acts of war. Another symbol found is the laurel wreath the muscular body on the left wears on his head. This references Julius Caesar and the interest in gaining knowledge from literature during this time. This could also be referencing a poet. The engraving leaves the viewer with an aesthetic idea about the human body and yearn for scientific knowledge that is accurate. If you compare their knowledge of the human body to todays it looks exactly the same. Even though they didnt have the technological advances we do now to see if this is really how our skeletal and muscular system looks like people had perfected the human anatomy form. This artwork also gives us history of what was going on during these times. The war over territories and the knowledge people were interested in learning about, in this case itrs literature and science.

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Essay on Cultural and Racial Stereotyping - 1439 Words

Most people find stereotypes to be obnoxious, especially when they have to do with sensitive subjects like gender or race. â€Å"Stereotyping is a generalization about a group or category of people that can have a powerful influence on how we perceive others and their communication behaviors† (Floyd, 61). Because they underestimate the differences among individuals in a group, stereotyping can lead to inaccurate and offensive perceptions of other people. Although stereotypes are prevalent in almost every society, becoming aware of our perceptions of others, as well as differentiating between both positive and negative stereotypes can help us overcome those stereotypes. â€Å"Stereotyping is a three-part process† (Floyd, 61). In the first stage, we†¦show more content†¦. As people grow older and realize their racial, religious, and cultural groups, they tend to differentiate themselves from other groups. The main reason we develop stereotypes is because it is just human nature for us to categorize people. Stereotypes are a way to simplify groups of people and establish identities, especially when one doesn’t know much about the group (â€Å"Overcoming Stereotypes†). Although prejudice and stereotype seem similar, they actually have two different meanings. While stereotyping involves the generalization of a group of people, prejudice involves negative feelings when â€Å"they† are in the presence of or even think about members of the group. â€Å"Prejudice comes from direct intergroup conflict, social learning, social categorization and other cognitive sources† (Ferguson). Not all stereotypes are negative; there are also positive and neutral stereotypes. Some stereotypes do not slander a race, culture, gender, or religion, but nonetheless generalize a group of people that may or may not be true. For example, some people say that all Asians are smart or good at math. Though people of Asian descent may often be more studious, not all Asians do equally well in school (Floyd, 62). Another common example of a positive stereotype is that all black people are good athletes, dancers, and singers. Though these are positive stereotypes, when people believe them, they don’t take into account that every person is an individual and different. A neutral stereotypeShow MoreRelatedVulnerable Population - Hispanic Children Essay1593 Words   |  7 PagesHispanic children experience multiple disparities in health status, insurance coverage, barriers to healthcare access and the quality of health care received. There have been multiple studies that have researched racial/ethnic disparities among adults, however few studies have examined the racial/ethnic disparities in the health care of children. The United States is experiencing a demographic surge in minority children, particularly among the youngest age groups. Estimates indicate that, by 2030, thereRead MoreRacism And Prejudice By Robert Heilbroner982 Words   |  4 PagesEveryone in the world is familiar with racism and stereotyping, but many individuals may feel indifferent about those topics and do not wish to speak about them. Robert Heilbroner, the author of à ¢â‚¬Å"Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgements† states that â€Å"Stereotypes are a kind of gossip about the world, a gossip that makes us pre-judge people before we ever lay eyes on them†(200). Racism has yet to become irrelevant and no matter how hard individuals try to eliminate racism, there will always be aRead MoreRacial Bias And Racial Stereotypes Essay1127 Words   |  5 Pagesthe problem of racial bias and racial stereotypes. Well development of the media is one of the significant factors which influences the issue, especially in the medium of news reporting, for example, the newspaper, network and television news, etc. News contributes to transmitting incident information, but the appearance of news misrepresentation and the language in the news will affect the objectivity and the authenticity of the news, which the cause of intensification of the racial stereotypes andRead MoreThe Development of the Science of ‘Race’ Essay1072 Words   |  5 Pagesconnects the themes of the interviews with the literature on racial stereotypes and it’s impact on individuals and the sport they participate in. The development of the science of ‘race’ is regarded within the main literatures to have emerged during the late eighteenth and nineteenth century (Gouldburg, 1990). People where trying to explain human differences and development, which gave way for a verity of racial classifications and racial stereotypes (Gouldburg, 1990), Gouldburg (1990: 266) statesRead MoreComparison of Turkeys in the Kitchen and You Just Walk on By Essays1640 Words   |  7 Pagestheme of gender, and racial stereotypes that have been present in our world from the very beginning. Barry suggests through a sarcastic and humors tone that gender stereotypes have been present since before the start of time; he uses a highly conversational style to prove this, as well as narrates to give the reader a better understanding of exactly what he’s talking about. Staples, on the other hand, uses a more authoritative tone to support his theme of racial stereotyping; he also uses the modeRead MoreEssay on Is Stereotyping Inevitable?1740 Words   |  7 PagesPrejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping are important topics at the cause of debating within social psychology. A stereotype is a generalization about a group of people, in which certain traits cling to all members, regardless of actual individual variation (Akert, Aronson, Wilson, 2010). As humans, people assign objects and individuals into categories to organize the environment. Individuals do this for not only organization, but also survival. Is stereotyping inevitable? That is the question;Read MoreMass Medias Effects on Sterotyping992 Words   |  4 PagesSince racial stereotyping in the media serves to justify, emphasize, and perpetuate antagonistic and munificent racism, there is need for focused study efforts on practical strategies to challenge and ultimately eradicate stereotypes. Stereotypes are generated and altered on the basis of first-hand encounters with stigmatized groups, as well as recycled informat ion from mass media, acquaintances, as well as family. While both express and circumlocutory sources of stereotype lessening are acknowledgedRead MoreRacial Profiling : A Cause And Effect926 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding Racial Profiling: A Cause Effect Analysis of Racial Stereotypes Racism and racial stereotypes have existed throughout human history. The radical belief associated by thinking the skin color, language, or a person’s nationality is the reason that someone is one way or another has become extremely detrimental to society. Throughout human existence it has sparked tension between groups of people and ultimately influenced wars and even caused slavery. Racism in America dates back toRead MoreIf I’m Asian I must be short, right? Essay1688 Words   |  7 Pages stereotypes have persisted in our culture, unrelentingly. Why? Stereotypes, whether racial, gender-based, religion-based, age-based, etc., continually permeate our society because it is difficult to undermine the psychological aspects of stereotyping, because of the media, and because it’s easier for people to cope with certain situations when they can generalize a group of people. The process of stereotyping a person is a cognitive, psychological process. People are given certain information andRead MoreCultural Background Of Hispanic Ethnicity1313 Words   |  6 Pagesmade their presence felt in various fields of human endeavor in the United States. Whether it is their involvement in politics, corporate management or even sports, Hispanics have showed that they have what it takes to perform at par with any other racial group. When it comes to the involvement of a particular minority in any activity there are bound to be certain issues. This paper will explore the themes of sporting identities to analyze the experiences of Latino males in sport. An attempt will be

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The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Decision - 2316 Words

The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Decision: The Role of the Healthcare Provider The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Decision: The Role of the Healthcare Provider Thesis statement: Healthcare providers should educate the parents of 11-12 year old boys and girls about human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and the HPV vaccine because HPV infection is prevalent and the chance of an adolescent being infected is high, persistent infection with the high-risk types 16 and 18 can cause serious health problems, and in order to assure effectiveness, the vaccine must be administered prior to contact with the virus. Introduction: Though it had been suspected for some time, in 1999 research concluded that virtually all incidences†¦show more content†¦(Display and explain visual aide using script) C. Women 17,000 cancers per year. 1. Cervix 2. Vagina 3. Vulva D. Men 11,000 cancers per year. 1. Penis 2. Young men are at increased risk because they often have more partners 3. Are at increased as they are not routinely screened for disease, and they may not have any symptoms of infection (Jones Cook, 2008). E. Cancers affecting both male and female: 1. Anus 2. Oropharynx: a) Causes up to 35% of all oropharyngeal cancers. b) These are most common on men. c) This is a new phenomenon and has been called â€Å"epidemic† (Ramqvist and Dalianis, 2010). d) From 1998 to 2003, the incidence rates for HPV-associated cancers of the tonsils and tongue increased 3.0% per year, while non-HPV cancers of the mouth and throat decreased during this time (Ramqvist and Dalianis, 2010). IV. Vaccine effectiveness: A. Vaccination: 100% effective against infection with 6, 11, 16, and 18 if administered prior to exposure to the viruses (Dempsey Davis, 2006). B. Because the virus is so prevalent and intercourse is not needed for transmission, the best time to administer it is well before the average age of puberty (Gamble et al., 2010). V. Conclusion: In summary, because the vaccine is not mandatory, either parents or the physician must initiate the discussion ofShow MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Immunization Is A Source For Gathering Health Information944 Words   |  4 Pageswhole picture. The circulation of information on the internet contributes to the array of controversy that surrounds human papillomavirus, the most common sexually transmitted infection worldwide. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus â€Å"is so common that nearly all sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives.† Human papillomavirus, better known as simply HPV, has close to forty strains, which can lead to warts or the development of cancer. A studyRead MoreHPV: The Most Common Sexually Transmitted Infection Essay1539 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) is human papillomavirus (HPV) (CDC, 2013). Over half of sexually activity people will become infected with HPV at some point in their lifetime (National Cancer Institute, 2012). HPV can fall into two categories: low-risk HPV and high-risk HPV (National Cancer Institute, 2012). Low-risk HPV, also known as HPV types 6 and 11, cause about 90% of genital warts (National Cancer Institute, 2012). High-risk HPV, also known as HPV types 16Read MoreHuman Papillomavirus ( Hpv )1286 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted infection with fourteen million new cases per year (Valentino Poronsky, 2016). These astronomical numbers make HPV â€Å"the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the United States† (Valentino Poronsky, 2016). HPV infections have been associated with causing multiple cancers. In 2006, the first vaccine against HPV emerged, Gardisil. In 2009 a second vaccine was approved by the FDA, Cervavix (Valentino Poronsky, 2016). DespiteRead MoreHuman Papillomavirus ( Hpv )2168 Words   |  9 PagesHuman papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most sexually transmitted infections in the United States. It is a virus with many subtypes that cause diseases in both males and females ranging from warts to cervical cancer. There are more than one hundred types of human papillomavirus found, some â€Å"high-risk† and some â€Å"low-risk†, and one-third of those are spread through sexual contact. Though it can be easily spread it is just as easily preventable. With technology and health care becoming so modernizedRead MoreSupporting Rick Perry s Decision For Mandate The Hpv Vaccine1293 Words   |  6 PagesSupporting Rick Perry’s Decision to Mandate the HPV Vaccine A child with smallpox suffers from painful blisters that cover his body. A person with tetanus endures involuntary body spasms that threaten to break bones. A woman with HPV clinches her eyes shut as she receives chemotherapy to treat the cancer that was caused by the virus. If you could prevent these scenarios from happening, would you? Governor Rick Perry sought to do just that, when he made Texas the first state to mandate that youngRead MoreHuman Papillomavirus Vaccine Controversy : Susan Le1707 Words   |  7 Pages Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Controversy Susan Le California State University, Sacramento Abstract Human Papillomavirus is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease that is believed to be the precursor of several cancers, especially cervical cancer. Researchers have developed a couple of vaccines believed to prevent several strains of the virus. Much controversy has surrounded the birth of this vaccine because law makers want to make the vaccine mandatory for school -aged childrenRead MoreWhat Are Hpv Vaccine?871 Words   |  4 PagesHPV vaccine. In order to understand the uproar that followed, we must understand several aspects of the order. First, we need to understand what the HPV vaccine is. What is HPV, and how does it get transmitted? Second we need to understand what lobbying is, and how it can be applied to this case. Once we identify these important aspects, we can draw a conclusion about whether this political decision was genuinely for the citizen’s protection, or the governor’s wallet. HPV is short for Human PapillomavirusRead MoreThe Truth About Human Papillomavirus1082 Words   |  5 PagesThe Truth about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States and around the world (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia [CHP], 2009). Today, parents vaccinate their children because vaccinations are recommended by the child’s pediatrician and most importantly vaccinations are required for the children to attend school. When a new vaccine becomes available parents are becoming reluctant to get the vaccination for their child fearing negativeRead MoreHuman Papilloma Virus ( Hpv )1765 Words   |  8 PagesTrust it or Trash it Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a virus that can cause both cervical cancer and/or genital warts. In most cases of HPV there are no symptoms and individuals are unaware that they have the virus (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], n.d.). It can be spread through vaginal, anal and oral intercourse and is the most common STI (CDC, n.d.). In 2006 a vaccine was approved to protect against the types of HPV associated with the majority of cervical cancer and genitalRead MoreThe Hpv Vaccination : Gender Role, Complications, And Body Ownership1757 Words   |  8 PagesHochstein WST 3930 October 7, 2014 Panel 2 Essay The HPV Vaccination: Gender Role, Complications, and Body Ownership The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). There are over 100 types of HPV, but only 40 types affect the genital area and can cause genital warts and cervical cancer in women (â€Å"Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine†). In 2011 in the United States, 12,109 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer. Of those, 4,092 women died (â€Å"Cervical Cancer

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Color and Painting Hans Thomas Die Quell Essay Example For Students

Color and Painting: Hans Thomas Die Quell Essay The atmosphere of the museum was ere pleasant and comforting. The artwork that was most fascinating was called Die Quell (The Spring), made in about 1895. The artist of this painting was Hans Thomas who was a German artist from 1839-1924. The painting was part of The Burton G. Betting Gallery. The medium used for the painting was oil on canvas and it is in its original hand painted frame. Also the size of the painting is 44 h x 34 h in. (1 13. 03 x 87. 63 frame 56 ex. h x 2 in. (142. 88 x BOB. 11 x 5. B The artwork and the label were well lighted and easy to appreciate. The reason or choosing this piece of artwork was because of its relaxing colors, calming landscape, angelic surroundings. As you walk into the room, the vibrant colors stand out and make your focus go straight to that painting, In the painting, the scenery is very calming and relaxing. The woman and muse are playing calming music on a rock by a spring, Also the water flowing out of the spring contributes to the calming scenery. It relaxes the mind and the body at the same time. On the other hand, the two muse flying in the air by the woman give off an angelic surrounding to the whole painting. It kind of makes you feel as if you are in Heaven and in a wonderful paradise of relaxation. They also contribute to the calming scenery of this painting. The whole mythological theme of the painting is what intrigues people to this painting. The different styles of this painting are representational, naturalistic, and classic. It is representational because it represents the people Of that time period. Also it is naturalistic because there are a lot of trees, grass, rocks, and the spring. It shows a lot of earthy aspects to it from the trees, to the sky, to the woods area in the painting. Lastly the painting is classic because it is portraying objects of everyday, common life instead of something bizarre that no one sees in everyday life. It shows classic or original objects which make this painting that much more realistic. The major theme of this painting is mythological and symbolist subjects over the representation of observed reality seen in academic and impressionist painting. It is mythological because what are painted, are not of real life. This painting also includes many formal elements of art which include lines, color, hue, value, composition, suture, rhythm, and balance. For instance, there are many different kinds of lines represented in this painting, There are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. They are represented by the division to the sky tromp the land, the trees, and the positions of the bodies, Also, this painting includes outlines, contour and cross-contour lines, and gesture lines. The composition does not include anything that are irrelevant. Furthermore, there is a variety of colors in this painting. For example, there are many earth tone colors such as browns, gold, lee, green, white, and coral These earth tone colors give Off calm, serene, and tranquil atmosphere. The different hues include blue, green, and the reddish color. The value ranges from bright, the Objects up close, to dark, being the background. In addition, this painting includes a lot of texture. This painting is well done, that you can see that there is a lot Of texture in the dress, the rocks, the trees and grass, and the water from the spring. Also the scenery is so realistic, that it feels as if you are in the painting and you can actually touch the eaves on the tree, the water from the spring, the baby angles, and the rocks. .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 , .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .postImageUrl , .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 , .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05:hover , .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05:visited , .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05:active { border:0!important; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05:active , .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05 .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u6af16c974b07653fd30217dfb4d6bd05:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Analysis on the Poem Sweethearts by Allen Branden EssayFurthermore, this artwork also has rhythm, a sense of continuance and a feeling of movement by the colors and the diagonal position of the bodies. There are many aspects that makes this artwork well balance. One is that there is balance between light to dark. For example, the figures are lighter than the background. Secondly, there is a good balance between large and small objects. The large and small objects are well spread out throughout this artwork, And lastly, there is a good color balance throughout the painting. Finally, the whole artwork has unity.

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Perspective on Conflicts and Disputes an Example of the Topic Psychology Essays by

Perspective on Conflicts and Disputes Long before the rule of law and dispensed decisions that effectively dictated who is wrong and who is right, long before policies and procedures governed the way things were done, long before the principles with which we have to live by were set in stone, people used to rely on trust as the primordial and highly reliable standard by which order is maintained, and business is conducted. In this setting, sans a formal legal structure, ones reputation is a valued characteristic. Need essay sample on "Perspective on Conflicts and Disputes" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed In this particular structure, when relationships deteriorate, disagreements are settled either through violence --- the proverbial an eye for an eye --- or through the early biblical notion of justice as exemplified by King Solomons decision to settle who truly is the mother of the infant child. In earlier times, the leader of a group, clan, or tribe will be the judge, mediator, or arbitrator of any form of strife that may arise between and among members of the group. Clashes between members of different groups almost always resulted in violence. It was fairly basic then and formulaic: goods and even services were exchanged in fair value determined often by the contracting parties themselves. Fast forward a few centuries and a formal legal structure should have been established to reinforce the ideals of trust, equality, justice and fair dealing. Conflict is a social phenomenon arising from personal as well as group relations and interactions. Depending on ones perspective, it is both a deterrent and a facilitator of change and progress. In a civil society, reliance on a framework of order and governance has been instituted and enforced to limit the counterproductive effects that conflicts and disputes beget, if not its exacerbation, that can and may lead to the dissolution of relationships. Relationships between inpiduals are the glue that holds a society together. In the case of Albo and Jeder, it is an early symptomatic illustration of a burgeoning dispute between inpiduals and which can go deeper as far as splitting the clan itself. The very structure by which a civilized society restricts conflict or its effects thereof is founded on the concept of Justice. It can be said that conflict brought about the need for the concept of justice or in other words, the concept of justice may never have been as fully established or defined as it is today if not because of the conflicts that has beset human history. Justice comes in many terms --- fairness, moral rightness, etc. --- and comes in a multitude of forms. The legal definition of Justice is the proper administration of laws. (Black, 1990, p. 864) More precisely, In Jurisprudence, it is the constant and perpetual disposition of legal matters or disputes to render every man his due. (Black, 1990, p. 864) The role that justice plays in dealing with conflicts is that it presupposes a world of scarce resources in which people are pressing conflicting claims for the protection of competing interests. One of the functions of a theory of justice is to offer normative criteria for arbitrating between such conflicting claims. (Mautner, 1991, p. 103) Further, it is comprised of three major types: retributive justice, concerned with criteria for the punishment of wrongdoers; corrective justice, concerned with the protection of entitlements from injury or appropriation; and distributive justice, concerned with the distribution of scarce resources to competing claimants on the basis of criteria such as equality, desert, or need. (Mautner, 1991, p. 103) These types of justice are important in the resolution of conflict. In the US Constitution, the concept of justice is embedded in the Bill of Rights, particularly, the 1st amendment, to wit, No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. The essential elements of justice, especially in dealing with conflict involving persons, are due process --- which operates on the fairness of the creation and of the application of the law --- and equal protection --- which operates on the fairness of the treatment or rights accorded by the law to inpiduals. In the case of Albo and Jeder, there was a shift in the status quo when Jeder offered less of what was expected. The exercise of giving every man his due was perturbed. Conflict is the opposition of response (behavioral) tendencies, which may be within an inpidual or in different inpiduals. (Coombs is a normal product of persity in beliefs and values, differences in attitudes and perceptions, and competing socioeconomic and political interests among inpiduals, social classes, ethnic groups and states. (Rabie, 1994, p. 3) From these definitions, it can be derived that the backbone of conflict is social interaction. There are several types of conflict. However, one that is relevant to the Albo and Jeder case is the Type II conflict. In general, so long as the parties to a conflict want different things but seek a single option among the possibilities, one that is to hold for both of them, then the conflict is Type II. (Coombs & Avrunin, 1988, p. 68) A dissection of the Albo and Jeder case indicate that there is clearly an imbalance. The imbalance stemmed from Jeder giving Albo a portion of meat that is less than what Albo is giving to Jeder resulting in Albo offering less to the community and Jeder offering more. A rule of the clan of never rejecting any offering of food prevents Albo from repudiating Jeders insufficient contribution. The pertinent law of the clan, taken alone, can be perceived as tilted in Jeders favor and is somehow restricting the avenues of relief for Albo, that is, not accepting the inadequate portion. What are the options then for Albo? One possible solution, as mentioned in the case, was for Albo to match Jeders offer everytime they hunt separately. This would restore justice, as this would give every man his due. However, this may prove detrimental to the dynamics of the clan. Taking the premise of matching of offers a step further, what will happen then when Jeder decides not to give Albo any portion of his kill? The solution put forth above will still hold but it will not be good for the propagation of social interaction among the members of the clan. Albos proposed solution may create a sort of pisiveness among the clan members an Albo versus Jeder standoff. And when pisiveness creeps in, defection from the clan is not too far off. What alternative solutions are available to Albo then --- one that can mitigate the foreseen drawback of the first solution? Conflict resolution processes should emphasize reforming existing relationships through attitudinal, institutional, and structural changes as well as change in the laws that govern societal processes. (Rabie, 1994, p. 22) A remedy that will not eventually break down a group should be sought. Conflict resolution must aim to expedite the long and often dangerous path from strife to peace and harmony. The Israeli Palestinian conflict has transcended time, religion, and international community intervention among others. The proportion of meat in question is land. Albo and Jeder are the Israelis and the Palestinians. One is not willing to give the other a certain portion of what the former may have and what the latter may not have. Originating as potential conflicts (conflicts in the making), they go on to move through confrontation and contest into internecine violence involving army, paramilitary recruits and a civilian population voluntarily or compulsorily implicated. (Whittaker, 1999, p. 10) There are particularly three approaches to conflict resolution. They are negotiation, mediation by a third party and authorised intervention. (Whittaker, 1999, p. 4) Negotiation is oftentimes conducted by the parties involved themselves. When negotiation fails, mediation by a third party usually follows. Mediation is adopted when violence tends to spill over into neighbouring areas. (Whittaker, 1999, p. 4) Mediation is done usually by another state duly appointed or recommended by the two parties in conflict. The third option --- authorized intervention --- requires an enabling provision from a law giving the intervening body the power to resolve the issue. The body that is authorized to resolve conflict between and among nations is the United Nations. Moreover, Chapter VI of the Charter of the United Nations --- The Pacific Settlement of Disputes --- enables the UN to engage and take over matters that cannot be resolved by the nations in conflict. Three criteria have conventionally underpinned UN involvement in any internal crisis. Is an internal conflict becoming so dangerous that it constitutes a serious threat to international peace and security? Is the state in question willing and competent to deal with its internal conflict? Is there any feasible alternative to intervention by the UN? (Whittaker, 1999, p. 112) These criteria are weighed by the Security Council of the UN. The Security Council is a group of nations, elected by the UN members themselves and is the body that has the power to authorize remedial action. Before any action can be proposed and implemented, it is incumbent upon the Council that an appraisal which must be objective and not excited by the publics sense of frustration and futility at the scale of conflict and its violations is carefully carried out. (Whittaker, 1999, p. 112) The conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians are far from over. Stop gap measures are being proposed, and will continue to be proposed to contain the violence --- the primeval solution to conflicts --- for the meantime as the resolution process , or the peace process as it is called, is being ironed out. One of the resolutions put forth is the shared homeland model. (Rabie, 1994, p. 180) The shared homeland would meet the need to address the legitimate rights of national minorities to freedom and self-determination, while posing no threat to neighboring states or endangering the rights of other minorities to similar entitlements. In addition, it protects the rights and properties of inpiduals living outside their own ethnic homelands, while allowing them to peacefully and voluntarily relocate as they may wish. As such, it facilitates cultural homogenization by choice, not "ethnic cleansing" by force. (Rabie, 1994, p. 180) Moving towards a more harmonious societal relations therefore require looking beyond seeking merely a resolution to a conflict. Reconciliation between the parties must be sought. Reconciliation, in this context, can be defined as the process of promoting an integrated community consequent upon group and inpidual preparedness to make concessions for the sake of tolerance and civilized behavior. (Whittaker, 1999, p. 114) In achieving a societal nirvana, a series of push-and-pulls need to be undertaken. Oftentimes, the number of pulls outnumbers and outweighs the number of push. In the Albo and Jeder case, the approaches to resolve conflict mentioned --- negotiation, mediation by a third party, and authorized intervention --- can be applied. Albo can negotiate with Jeder to come to terms on the definite portion of their kill that they will give each other. They can seek the advice of the leader of their clan to mediate if they cannot agree on the portion and on the conditions of the agreement. Authorized intervention in this case would be the intervention exercised by an outside court, which should be within its jurisdiction to take on and adjudicate issues of this nature, to a sovereign, independent body such as Albos and Jeders clan. If the clans legal structure is found inadequate, Albo can bring his issue to the court which has jurisdiction over the matter. Conflicts essentially expose a certain nations legal vulnerabilities or inadequacies to address a particular concern. It therefore, although indirectly, assists in strengthening the legal framework and keeping it as robust as possible. Reconciliation will come in when the court which has proper jurisdiction over the matter has heard the issues, and have come down with a decision that is rooted in law. The case law, along with the ancillary laws that will be enacted pursuant to this matter, will then form part of the body of jurisprudence that hopefully, will prevent future conflicts of this nature as well as promulgate or facilitate a kind of healthy exchange of goods and services where parties are satisfied and more importantly, where their rights are adequately protected. References Avruch,K. Black, P.W. Scimecca, J.A. (1991). Conflict Resolution: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Wesport, CT.: Praeger. Black, H. C. (1990). Blacks Law Dictionary 6th ed. St. Paul, MN.: West Publishing Co. Coombs, C. H. Avrunin, G.S. (1988). The Structure of Conflict. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Kober, A. (2002). Coalition Defection: The Dissolution of Arab Anti-Israeli Coalitions in War and Peace. Wesport, CT.: Praeger. Kollock, P. (1998). Social Dilemmas: The Anatomy of Cooperation. Annual Review of Sociology, 24, 183. Mautner, M. (1991). The Eternal Triangles of the Law: Toward a theory of priorities in conflicts involving remote parties. Michigan Law Review, 90, 95 156. Rabie, M. (1994). Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity.Westport, CT.:Praeger. Whittaker, D.J. (1999). Conflict and Reconciliation in the Contemporary World. London: Routledge. Zartman, I. W. (Ed.). (1997). Governance as Conflict Management: Politics and Violence in West Africa. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution.

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Free Essays on Divine Images

come preceded by the word "And". This makes the reader connect cruelty with terror and jealousy with secrecy. We can notice that the stress of the lines in this first stanza falls onto the main word, giving an emphasizing effect. Unlike many other Blake poems, such as "The Tyger" or "The Lamb" we Herrera 2 cannot find rhyming couplets in this stanza, but the rhyming and stressing effect is enough for the reader to tie the ideas together. This effect is strengthened by the repetition of the word "human" in every line and the repetition of the "y" ending sounds in lines one, two and four. The structure of the second stanza differs from the structure of the first one. We notice that each of the lines provide an "answer" in a "symmetrical" way to each one in the first stanza. This structure can also be found in "The Lamb". This gives the impression to the reader that the poem is a closed circle, ending were it started. On a deeper level, this way of structuring can represent the inflexibility and stiffness of these negative human aspects, like immovable objects buried deep inside human nature. We can see that the most outstanding rhythmical feature of this stanza is fore grounding. In fact, ... Free Essays on Divine Images Free Essays on Divine Images Rhythm an Rhyme In "A Divine Image", Blake uses several techniques and literary devices to transmit his thoughts about social injustice, cruelty, and human nature. Rhyme and rhythm are two of the main features in this poem. This poem is the rhythm; it affects the whole mood, tone and meaning of the poem. The poet has chosen different methods to give the poem specific sounds that affect the pace and structure of the rhythm. The structure of the first stanza helps us understand the relationships between the four aspects of human nature presented through cruelty, jealousy, terror and secrecy. The first and third lines start with the main word, while in the second and fourth words come preceded by the word "And". This makes the reader connect cruelty with terror and jealousy with secrecy. We can notice that the stress of the lines in this first stanza falls onto the main word, giving an emphasizing effect. Unlike many other Blake poems, such as "The Tyger" or "The Lamb" we Herrera 2 cannot find rhyming couplets in this stanza, but the rhyming and stressing effect is enough for the reader to tie the ideas together. This effect is strengthened by the repetition of the word "human" in every line and the repetition of the "y" ending sounds in lines one, two and four. The structure of the second stanza differs from the structure of the first one. We notice that each of the lines provide an "answer" in a "symmetrical" way to each one in the first stanza. This structure can also be found in "The Lamb". This gives the impression to the reader that the poem is a closed circle, ending were it started. On a deeper level, this way of structuring can represent the inflexibility and stiffness of these negative human aspects, like immovable objects buried deep inside human nature. We can see that the most outstanding rhythmical feature of this stanza is fore grounding. In fact, ...

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MARKETING PLAN (Lucozade Sport) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MARKETING PLAN (Lucozade Sport) - Essay Example Whether on the gym or field or track the Lucozade sport aims to deliver right kind of fuel before exercise, during exercise and also after exercise. The Lucozade sport is proven to enhance the physical endurance and thus has been scientifically developed to contain carbohydrates, glucose, electrolytes, fluid which helps to fuel muscles and also maintain hydration. The Lucozade sport is therefore marketed to people who aim to pursue an active lifestyle and therefore has become the choice for footballers, athletes, runners and for people who loves sports, exercise and physical activity. Lucozade has been regarded as drink of choice for many people since its launch as unique isotonic sports drink. The product chosen is Lucozade Sport which is particular made for people who tends to maintain the same level of performance during exercise. It has been founded that just with 2% decrease in the body weight due to sweating can eventually lead to drop in the performance of athletes. The electr olytes in Lucozade sport thus replaces mineral and salt which gets lost during sweating and plays an essential role in the process of maintaining fluid balance. Lucozade is owned and controlled by GSK which is leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies (Lucozade, 2011). Market analysis According to reports by Markets and Markets, there seems to be demand for sports as well as energy beverages as it is predicted to grow at a yearly growth rate of 10% till 2016. This growth is fuelled by increasing health awareness among consumers who are eager to combat fatigue with energy bossing drinks. The industry players are also diversifying the product portfolio with products such as diet drinks and also sugar free drinks targeting the female segment along with the health conscious consumers (ReportLinker, 2013). Customer Analysis As per data provided in Morgan database, the non alcoholic beverages market in New Zealand has undergone serious changes where the total consumption of non alco holic consumption amounted to about 95% and has varied in minor percentage such as total non-alcoholic consumption in 2011 showed 93.90% as compared to 95% in 2008 and 2010. Women are the largest customer for non alcoholic beverages as compared to men where total consumption of female was 6919 in 2010 and men amounted to 4201 in the same year. Further it was founded that the age group of 35 to 49 were the highest consumers of non alcoholic beverages followed by the age group of 50-64 with 2943 un weighted consumption. In the year 2011, the picture remained the same with women dominating the non alcoholic beverage market and highest consumption being in the age group of